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5 Tips for Dating a College Athlete

Certainly, enjoying the feeling that comes with dating college athletes isn’t simple due to rigorous activities they are occupied with.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will provide a few tips on how to enjoy and make dating easier with a college athlete.

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For now, here are some tips that should help:

1. Prove yourself as a reliable support system

Having someone to confide in is quite a tedious task for college athletes because not everyone chooses to be there for them at all times. To make things easier for your partner, you must prove to be a reliable support system. Most athletes do go through tough practices,  rough days, etc. Some have their homes miles away from college. As a partner and their number 1 fan, they should find relief from you, first. Put yourself in their shoes, how will you feel if you can’t find emotional and physical stability from your partner? Being there for them spurs forth a surge of energy to move on.

2. Make it a habit to watch them play

Watching your partner play or train goes a long way in impacting their performance, as they take it as an honour and privilege to have someone who truly cares about their improvement. Practically, this explains the swift Read More