Tips For Creating a Luxurious Bathroom Inside Your Family Home

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Bright white, luxurious bathroomIt isn’t always easy to create a luxurious bathroom in your family home when you have a busy job, a house full of children, and when you seem to be running around constantly. However, that is exactly why you really need to have a luxurious bathroom area where you can unwind and relax after a very hectic, long day.

I asked some awesome lifestyle and parenting bloggers for their best tips on how to create a luxurious bathroom and the following are some amazing ideas.

Many of these ideas are very easy to implement – they will not cost you much money – just some research and time – and you will be well on your way towards designing your own bathroom retreat that is inspired by luxury hotels.

Let’s check out the tips now!

Tips For Creating Your Own Luxurious Bathroom:

Invest in a high-quality rain shower. There is nothing better than stepping into your shower, closing your eyes and thinking back to the best luxury hotel you have ever stayed in.

Another good idea is to streamline your bathroom by installing a shaver plug into the inside of the wall cupboard. That way you can store all of your family electric toothbrushes neatly while you are charging them. That hides all of the ugly charging docks and wires. What a brilliant idea!

A chilly bathroom is definitely not luxurious. Invest in a good quality radiator like ceramic that radiates lots of heat and can be set with a touch of a button like these German electric radiators.

Quality Over Quantity For Your Luxury Bathroom:

It is definitely always worth it to invest in quality – even when you have small children. Any luxurious bathroom absolutely must have thick cotton towels.

Decluttering your bathroom will make you feel a lot better about it too. Just keep what you need on hand instead of excess. Then you can have a few nice storage boxes for keeping things in including your children’s toys. If you have a new baby, you might want to have your changing unit in your bathroom and keep all of the cloth nappies inside of a large basket so they are easy to grab and look organised.

The concept of keeping everything uncluttered and tidy is ideal for a bathroom that is inspired by a luxury hotel. Make a place for everything and display as little as possible. Think about the room’s style elements as well as storage. You might want to consider statement flooring or a mirror.

A hotel inspired bathroom definitely goes well beyond just keeping it tidy and having a statement piece added to the room is definitely a creative solution that will help to enhance the luxurious feeling of your bathroom.

Create an Eco-Friendly Luxury Bathroom:

If you are searching for an eco-focused tip to help you create a luxury bathroom, here is a great tip: “green it up” by using real plants. They help with freshening the air and provide a nice scent without needing candles or chemical air fresheners.

Add Display Towels To a Luxury Bathroom:

Here is a very simple yet highly effective way to give your bathroom that luxurious hotel feeling. Have ‘guest’ towels that you don’t use but always look super fresh, fluffy and neat. Hang them over your radiator or arrange them neatly on a shelf. You will look super organised!

Fragrance is also very important for a room. Your bathroom needs to smell very fresh and clean. The perfect aroma for a bathroom is fresh, clean linen. As noted in our tips above, quality towels and linens definitely also inspire the look of a luxury hotel.

This might be the ultimate luxurious tip: You can create a bath bridge that comes with a small expandable wooden shelf that rests across your bath for holding a glass of wine, candle, and your favourite book or Kindle device to use as you relax in warm, luxurious bubbles. This can really be a luxurious treat to soak in the bath and relax with a nice glass of wine and something enjoyable to read. Your bathroom will definitely feel like the ultimate luxury retreat from this nice touch.

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