5 Tips for Dating a College Athlete

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Certainly, enjoying the feeling that comes with dating college athletes isn’t simple due to rigorous activities they are occupied with.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will provide a few tips on how to enjoy and make dating easier with a college athlete.

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For now, here are some tips that should help:

1. Prove yourself as a reliable support system

Having someone to confide in is quite a tedious task for college athletes because not everyone chooses to be there for them at all times. To make things easier for your partner, you must prove to be a reliable support system. Most athletes do go through tough practices,  rough days, etc. Some have their homes miles away from college. As a partner and their number 1 fan, they should find relief from you, first. Put yourself in their shoes, how will you feel if you can’t find emotional and physical stability from your partner? Being there for them spurs forth a surge of energy to move on.

2. Make it a habit to watch them play

Watching your partner play or train goes a long way in impacting their performance, as they take it as an honour and privilege to have someone who truly cares about their improvement. Practically, this explains the swift improvements in most athletes. To this act of love and total support, most athletes play with happiness and joy which helps increase their passion and reduces their aggressive reactions. A happy mind is a productive mind, the progress of your partner has 90% to do with you and 10% to do with them.

3. Transit to being an expert masseur

Practically, this isn’t an easy task, because not everyone knows how to perform a good massage. However, for love and sacrifice, learning how to perform a good soothing massage as a partner is required from you. To your knowledge, most athletes go through enormous tasking training activities which have the potentials of straining their muscles and causing so much stress. As such, be kind to perform a fancy and romantic massage. You will surely become an expert after a few practices. Watch and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

4. Don’t forget about yourself

As a good partner, being proactive is very important. Producing and presenting your wins to your partner is proof of a good relationship. It shouldn’t be a one-sided thing, you both need to make progress. Have time for yourself, sir, make plans, and have your partner cheer you up too for producing a creative way to enjoy life together. Being partners means being productive together. You need to present something to the table. Be always on your watch, keep everything under check and balance.

5. Sexual mutuality

How will you feel if your partner performs poorly in their sports after enjoying sex, because you insisted on having sex at that particular time? The repercussions could even be grave on their career. As partners, this should be an open discussion, be sure to come to an agreement and stick to it. Sex before practice or display time leads to poor performance, because your partner losses energy, and energy loss leads to bad performance.

Practically, these are a few tips for dating a college athlete and making it more enjoyable. Be communicative, and stick to these tips. The process should be fun and enjoyable.


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