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Naturopathy: The New Health Care

Even with the modern advancements of technology and medicine, people always return to their roots eventually. Pharmaceutical medicine and artificial health products may work, but they often times contain chemical ingredients that the body just doesn’t need. In the past several decades, natural health has become a revolution against these new artificial health advancements. Naturopathy, a word that literally means ‘natural healing,’ is a form of alternative medicine and healing practices that stem from thousands of years of health advice. Natural remedies are found in many cultures and come in a variety of methods: herbs. topical mixtures, massage therapy, aromatherapy, fasting, healthy whole-foods diet, and so much more. With the revival of natural healing in modern times, these methods have been helping millions of people to treat anything from skin disorders to improving emotional health. Many of today’s major ailments like heart disease and diabetes are products of the unhealthy environment, so by going back to our natural roots and living a healthy lifestyle, these diseases can be combated.

Along with the natural healing methods, Naturopathy has inspired the creation of many products in the market with all-natural, non-invasive, good-for-you ingredients that work for your body. There is no risk of possible side-effects, and products are certified under the FDA’s Natural Health Product Regulations. Instead of medication, herbal supplements like spices, antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins are recommended, with mixtures that can be bought as capsules. These products range from organic, natural soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, hygiene products, skin care, and … Read More